Does Sulphur or Lime Keep Colorado Springs Snakes Away?

Everyone hates seeing a bunch of Colorado snakes in the backyard. Even one snake will have your wife screaming. This is why it is so important to have your backyard checked on the regular. In this article we will get down to the important stuff like how to keep the snakes from coming back and how to handle snakes when do find them in your backyard. Before we get to the types of lime that do or not deter snakes let's start by checking the types of snakes you would typically see in your backyard.

Types of snakes.
There are several types of Colorado Springs snakes that are common to find in home backyards. The garter snake is one of the most common snakes. It is also widely known as the garden snake and can be very slim and green and not easily seen. The green ones are prone to be in a well irrigated lawn where it camouflages itself in the green grass. The snakes will come in different color combinations. They are not poisonous to humans.

Why do I have snakes?
You will find Colorado snakes get attracted to a less manicured lawn. When you keep the lawn wild with leaves and long weeds then you will be creating hiding spots that will attract the snakes. The funny part is that even a well manicured lawn will attract snakes in hot summer weather. The snakes are attracted to the irrigated lawn that is cool and watered.

Lime and Sulphur.
Contrary to popular belief lime and Sulphur don't have any scientific backing to deter Colorado Springs snakes. This is brought about by the strong smell that comes from the lime. It makes it uncomfortable for the snakes to Live around. This lime smell keeps the snakes away. There is no Proof that the lime can stop snakes from coming into your yard.

Other prevention methods.
● Piles of wood or rocks. These are just things that will create hiding spots for the Colorado snakes.
● Cut down long grass. This will reduce the protection that they feel in long grass.
● Make sure some of the other rodents are kept away from your yard. This will help reduce the amount of snakes that will come as predators. Mice and other rodents attract snakes.
● Place lime on the perimeter of your fence to further deter the snakes.
● Ensure holes or Earth ways in your yard or house are closed. This is important because even a hole the size of your finger is enough for a slim snake to walk through.

Incase you do come across a bad looking snake that is wider than a few inches then call the professionals. Do not attempt to kill any snake that looks poisonous such as a Python.

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