Colorado Springs Rat Diseases That Can Affect Humans

Colorado Springs rats are foul things that causes problem in our homes if it infests a certain place. Leaving it as it is will cause various diseases they bring to affect everyone's health inside. Rat diseases has a history of harming people with a past disease that wiped out half of Europe's population in a five-year span. They are not benign conditions and can cause serious harm. Rat bites and scratches can result in multiple diseases as listed below. Rat urine and feces are also responsible for the various illnesses that can result in liver, kidney, and lung damage, plus inflammation in other organs which can be fatal. Rats also cause allergens through their droppings and shed hair. Diseases from rats are either direct or indirect from exposure to ratfeces, urine, or bites, as well other viruses carried by fleas, ticks, and mites. The infamous bubonic plague, or the “Black Plague,” came off fleas to rats after they had bitten humans, killing millions of people over an extended period of time.

Rat-Transmitted Diseases
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a viral disease that has no cure or vaccine and can be fatal as it attacks the lungs and causes pneumonia-like symptoms. Leptospirosis is a bacterial illness that transmitted by coming into contact with infected water and causes bleeding within the lungs which is called severe pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome. Rat-bite fever comes when a Colorado rat bites or scratches a human, causing swelling along the lymph nodes and progresses into Haverhill fever, possible causing inflammation on the meninges and lining of the heart. Salmonellosis can come through contaminated food or water from rat feces in it, causing diarrhea, fever, and nausea. Lymphocytic choriomeningitisis another viral disease that is transmitted through the rat's saliva and infect the lymph nodes.

Indirect Rat Transmitted Diseases
As mentioned, the bubonic plaguewas carried by Colorado Springs rats and transmitted by fleas to people. This was characterized by swollen lymph nodes and gangrene on certain areas of the body. People died within a few days as the plague infected the lungs heavily, also called pneumonic plague. The Colorado Tick fever is a viral illness transmitted by a tick that sucks the blood off specifically apack rat, mostly found on the West coast and close to Colorado, hence the name. Finally, there is cutaneous leishmaniasis,or the tropical sore, in which a person is infected by a sand fly that has also fed on a pack rat.

Rest Of The Rat
Some types of Colorado rats have been identified as the carriers for these diseases. The cotton rat, deer rat ,and the rice rat are known to carry the hantavirus, but Norway rats and roof rats are not known as such. The Hantavirus is transmitted to people when it is breathed in via airborne from rodent waste including dead rats. In order to prevent it from spreading, all rat waste and dead rats must be removed safely. The areas of infestation can be sprayed down with rat repellent and gloves are worn to pick up any physical objects. It is an unpleasant site to see, but Colorado Springs rats don't have to be just left there harming everyone in the house. They have various diseases that are rare and cause plenty of discomfort animist be disposed of properly and quickly.

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